Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Walking the Camino, Day 28: FronFria & Pulposeris

We got up early today because we knew we had about 18 miles to cover and there was a chance of rain in the afternoon. A great day of walking through cow county and we're rewarding ourselves at the pulposeria.

Early morning and out of Fronfria.

Galicia's cow county. We probably walked through eight cow towns today.

It's a beautiful part of Spain.

More cows.

and tiny towns.
And finally at the pupolseria.

This is a double serving. We had a single serving after this. It's just boiled sliced octopus with some chili powder and olive oil sprinkle on it and that's what everyone eats here.

The master at work.

He's quick and never slices off a finger.

Lunch is finished off with spiked coffee.

She leaves the bottle so you can adjust it to your liking.

I think we're the only non-locals here. Lunch - three servings of octopus, a bottle of wine, and coffee, for 28 euros.

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