Thursday, July 27, 2017

Walking The Camino: Day Twenty-four - Pilgrim's Food

Eating experiences are such a big part of traveling. You never know what's going to be on the menu. Unfortunately for us, some destinations along the Camino don't offer much more than the standard fare dished up for pilgrims passing through. Once in awhile there's some really good regional food.

 Empanadas, with tuna, for breakfast.

 This is a better breakfast. Ham on toast with a creamy tomato spread.

 Spicy pulpo (octopus) on potatoes.

 Mussel and potato soup.

 Bacolao with spicy sauce.

This is a regional specialty we found in Hospital de Orbigo. It's their famous trout soup. Basically toasted sliced bread layered in a bowl, a piece of trout on top and a seafood broth poured over it. You stir it all up and it becomes this porridge-like soup. 

 Sliced meat starter.

 There's always a mixed salad on the menu with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, egg, and tuna.

 Frog soup. Tasty but a lot of work.

 More empanadas at the bar.

 Sometimes there's paella as a starter on the menu but northern Spain isn't known for paella.

 Natilla for dessert.

 Smiling cookies.

Meats are usually served with fries, fish with salad.

Meats as part of El Cocido Maragato. A complete meal in three courses from one dish. 
Meats, cabbage, chickpeas, and spices are all boiled up any you're served the soup first, followed by the chickpeas and cabbage, and finally the meats (usually all pork, including smoked tongue, chorizo, belly, ears, and some meat of course).

Bubbling seafood.

Lamb and chips.

Alan doesn't really like mushrooms all that much.

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