Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Walking The Camino: Day Twenty-three

Leon to Astorga in three days. Big city to tiny village to The Chocolate City.

 Leon Cathedral

 Leon cafe life. Late afternoon coffee and people watching.

 Downtown Leon

 The old historic district of Leon is like a maze.

Hospital de Orbigo, the jousting capital of Spain.

 Crossing on the puente.

 A nice little place to stay in a town with a population of fifty (not including farm animals).

 A flat day of walking. It's been a week of relatively flat terrain but we hit the hills tomorrow.

 Overcross ramp for wheelchairs and pilgrims.

 Approaching Astorga and the much needed Spa Hotel.

 Astorga's Plaza Mayor at dawn when we made our escape.

 Gaudi Museum in Astorga.

 Astorga has been one of our favorite places on the Camino so far. Nice restaurants serving some very interesting regional food, great architecture, lots of locals, and chocolate everywhere.

We just follow the arrows.

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