Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Walking the Camino, Day 33

We reach our destination tomorrow. It's been quite a ride so far. Here's some of what we actually remember.
Still walking but the end is in sight.

Blooming hills. So glad we walked in the Spring when all the flowers were in bloom.

Coming into little towns.

Churches. Churches. And more Churches.

Meeting other pilgrims. We saw this guy on and off for about a third of our walk.
He's always walking by himself, at his own pace, but everyone stops to say hello.

Eating more sandwiches. I think we've had more bread in the last month than we've ever had in any 30 day period.

Some really nice people on the Camino. This is Alicia from Queensland, Australia, wanting us to hike across Tasmania.

Constantly adjusting our shoes. Foot problems are the most common injuries on the Camino. 

Checking the damage at the end of the day. All in all we've been pretty injury free.
Toe socks, Vicks vaporub and changing socks halfway through a day's hike have all helped.

Staying in a monastery.

Our one and only bunk night. We didn't know it was a dorm with ten bunks when we booked it. It was billed as a "family room". What kind of family sleeps in a room with ten bunks?

Some pretty good food. French fries are served with practically everything here.

 After about a week, we were sort of pulpoed out.

 So now we're on to bacolao.

Beer break always welcome after a long day of walking.

Grilled peppers help too.

Alan with a stuffed _ _ _.

War games on Remembrance Day. Spanish people dressed as U.S. Soldiers for a mock attack on the town square.
Parading soldiers.

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