Friday, August 11, 2017

Walking the Camino, Day 34: Santiago, The End of Our Journey

We arrived in Santiago after 34 consecutive days of walking, and we're ready for a rest. Our daily point to point walking stages totaled a little more than 520 miles, which didn't include any incidental walking we did once we reached our destination each day. We walked the entire distance carrying our packs and have really enjoyed the journey. Thanks to all who encouraged us along the way.
Our last day of walking. A relatively easy day of woodsy and urban walking. 

Checked into our hotel in Santiago, cleaned up, and headed for the cathedral.

The police outside our hotel. Apparently an animal rights protest brewing.

The cathedral is being renovated of course.

Forget about getting a seat for noon mass. I think you have to get here at 11:00 if you actually want to sit.

Interior renovations.

So we skip mass and head to get our credentials verified.

 ....along with hundreds of others. Someone told us a thousand new pilgrims arrived in town today.

ur credentials have all the necessary stamps.

Anyone who walks at least the last 100 kilometers will get the Compostella.
We walked the entire 800 kilometers and obtained our mileage certificate as well.

So it's time to eat again. And we'll start with some fresh sardine tapas.

So, what next?

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