Thursday, September 14, 2017

Our Third and Final Wedding of the Year

This is the third, and final wedding we are attending this year. We drove up from Palm Springs into Livermore for the wedding, and we were in such a rush to get on the road, we forgot to pack the hanging bag with our suits into the car. So we ended up going to the wedding in SoCal Casual attire. Luckily, we were not the only casually dressed men, although all the others were forty years younger than us.

Meghann and Kevin make a wonderful couple. She is sweet and caring, he is funny and charming. It was a beautiful ceremony, and Meghann couldn’t have been lovelier. The ceremony was performed in a chapel, but the dinner and dancing afterward were outdoors.

 The happy newlyweds

 Herman and I with Meghann.

The newlyweds and Herman’s parents, the longest married couple on the dance floor. They'll celebrate their 70th anniversary next year. 

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Janet said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! I love the photo of the newlyweds and Herman's parents - the smiles are priceless.