Monday, May 23, 2011

May 19th Book Reading/Signing in Phoenix, AZ

Last Thursday I was treated to one of the loveliest experiences of my literary career. Bob Lind, a nationally known book reviewer for Echo Magazine in Phoenix, AZ, invited to me do a book reading/signing for a meeting of the Prime Timers group (a group of retired gay men who love literature), in the heart of the gay district of Phoenix.

I got there about an hour before the event started, and spent a delightful time talking shop with Bob Lind. Soon men began showing up in twos and threes until the room was packed with seventy elderly gay men. It was literally standing room only.

I had never read to a group of more than thirty people before that night, and I felt quite intimidated. Those wonderful men, however, made me feel right at home. I calmed down in record time and began to enjoy myself. They were attentive, considerate, and asked several interesting questions. We had a few laughs, many at my expense, and the evening turned into a fun event for everyone. Well, nearly everyone. I did notice that one gentleman nodded off during my reading. But only one in seventy is a pretty good ratio.

Both before and after my reading, these charming men lined up to buy my books. Several people bought all four. I took three boxes of books to the signing, and they nearly cleaned me out. The next day, I check the numbers on Amazon, and saw that they bought another fifteen or twenty ebooks.

I’ve always been fearful of public speaking. But I must say that if every audience was as charming as these men, I could make a career of it.

Thank you, Bob and all the men of the Phoenix Prime Timers for making me feel so welcome.

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