Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Review of Match Maker

Hi Gang,

Yesterday I came back from playing tennis to find a new review of Match Maker in my inbox. It turned out to be a glowing review by Carol Zampa over at Miz Love Loves Books. She marked it as a top pick.

I recently read at quote that said: A book review should be written as beautifully as the book being reviewed. I can honestly say that Carol Zampa certainly did just that with this review. It is one of the loveliest reviews I’ve ever read of any book, let alone one of mine.

Carol says in part: “Daniel Bottega’s story is a treatise on survival against the odds, love that just won’t quit, even when the object of the affection unconsciously tries to snuff it out. It’s a beautiful commentary on survival, heartbreaking-but-ultimately-heart-swelling-with joy hanging on to what you know is there, what you KNOW is worth hanging on for. It’s a symphony on self-esteem, and on the many factors that can wreak havoc on it. It’s a lesson on how to regain that self-esteem.

Most of all? To me? It’s a beautiful poem on love. After all, love is—even though we don’t really realize it—at the core of everything, one way or another. And Chin paints across this canvas with such beauty, such softness, and then lets you step back and take a deep breath, a satisfied breath. And you know you just fell in love with Daniel and his gang, but mostly Daniel.”

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