Monday, January 26, 2015

Hanging in Inlay Lake, Myanmar (Burma)

I’m going through pictures of Inlay Lake, Myanmar, and remembering what turned out to be the highlights of our Burma trip. We hit five major destinations in Myanmar, and Inlay Lake was by far the most interesting and fun.

There are over two hundred towns and villages around and on the lake. Many of the towns, temples, hotels, and restaurants are built on stilts over the water, so the best means—sometimes the only—of transportation are by long boat. Even crops are grown over water in what are called the Floating Garden. 

Tourism is an upcoming mainstay of the economy, but fishing, textiles, cheroot cigars, and farming are the traditional industries.

We all loved our time on the lake, and were sad to leave it only after three days. So much more to see, we will trek back soon.

Above was our hotel, below is one of our favorite restaurants.

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