Wednesday, December 18, 2019

12/18/19: An Historic Day in Washington

Today, the US House of Representatives will vote on impeaching Donald Trump. I’m confidently we will not get the votes in the Senate to remove Trump from office, still I feel pride that the House Democrats are bring this president’s foul behavior to light, and showcasing his misdeeds to the American people. I pray it makes a difference in the upcoming elections, not only for removing Trump from office, but also for removing many of the GOP Trump lackies who are protecting him. We live in interesting times. 

Yesterday Herman and I completed the Purge. We went through every room of the house, every drawer, every closet, and also the garage and the storage shed, and trashed or gave away everything we don’t use on a regular basis. We are now down to only owning things we need. I have no words for how liberating that is. It’s not that we were pack rats, but after eight years of living in this house, we accumulated a ton of stuff we don’t use, need, or want. Now we are down to essentials. I want to make this a yearly event, to purge what we don’t need before the new year arrives. 

Herman and I spent a quiet night at home last night, watching an absurd action movie on Netflix. I think there is a problem with action movies, in that each one has to have more spectacular stunts, more shit being blown up, and more bad guys being killed than any of the previous action movies. And they have gone waaaaaay too far, to the point of being absurd. It’s no longer entertaining, it’s simply ludicrous.

Today I plan to devote this morning to writing, and the afternoon to reading. 

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