Sunday, February 13, 2011

More super short stories from Alan Barker

I'm pleased to post another set of two-sentence short stories from Alan Barker. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. If you do, please leave Alan a comment to let him know what you think of his stories.

Vanishing Point

"Hey Jay, Fiona the Scottish landlady of this haunted country inn is quite something isn't she," commented Will investigating the workings of the en-suite shower, "as we arrived very late she knew we'd be tired so was kind enough to bring this tray of coffee and sandwiches to our room."

"Yes, she's tried really hard to make us feel at home and was even cool about us," added Jay,"but while you were having your shower, she didn't use the door to leave the room, she just walked straight through the wall!"

In the swim

"Jay, you should have heard the crowd roar after I completed that charity swim in baggy tracksuit bottoms for Stefano's Restaurant," boasted Will to his partner,"they clapped and shouted when I got out of the pool as if I'd swum the Atlantic."

"You did very well mate, better than I expected and the coins just kept rolling into the collection buckets, when you climbed out and dropped your baggy bottoms," teased Jay," even more so when your baggy swim shorts dropped with them!"

Down Periscope!

As the pips from the echo sounder of the enemy ship above suddenly located their target, in the dim red light of the submarine control room a nervous Will whispered to his fellow shipmate Jay, "And now they're going to start firing all those depth charges at us so we're bound to be hit soon."

"Will, Will," whispered Jay as the sound of explosions grew louder,"you must stop getting so carried away by these very real wartime simulations since this boat has been in a dry dock for the last ten years!"

That's it for now.

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