Saturday, February 12, 2011


I have never considered my husband, Herman, a particularly religious or superstitious person, until now. After seventeen years together, he’s finally showing his true colors.

We are currently in Singapore for the Chingay celebrations that mark the end of the Chinese New Year. This is the lunar year of the Rabbit. Herman and I were both born in the year of the Snake.

We read our yearly fortune at the temple a few days ago, and apparently rabbits and snakes, no big surprise, don’t get along. The fortune foretold that this year will be unlucky for snakes, both personally and financially. The fortune suggested we purchase jewelry with some type of amber stone, to protect us from the mountain of bad luck we must climb.

I, as usual, laughed it off. Herman took it very seriously and bought both of us necklaces sporting amber stones. He’s been talking about bad luck every hour since. I certainly hope this fades quickly. I hate the thought of him mentioning bad luck for an entire year.

Chinese superstitions apparently run bone deep.

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Chrissy said...

How lovely that there are still things to discover about each other. Sending you both best wishes for the New Year.