Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Mom

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Dear Mom,

I’ve been thinking about you all morning, remembering the things you’ve taught me over the years, and also everything you’ve shown me.

You taught me things like: if you do something, do it well; never turn your back on a friend; finish what you start; and have something saved for a rainy day.
But you showed me so much more. You demonstrated, through your own example, strength and determination, and not letting a handicap stop you from doing what needs to be done. You showed me that family is the most important thing we have, and being a devoted spouse is our principal task. You showed that being humble brings many simple treasures, and to take pleasure in those little, unimportant things in life.

But I think the most significant lesson you showed me was to always be myself—I don’t need to put on airs or pretend I’m something I’m not because I’m fine the way I am.  In fifty-nine years, I’ve never once seen you try to be anything but a loving, honest, Christian wife and mother, and that was always more than enough.

Today I want to thank you for setting a fine example for me to live by. I know it has not been easy, and we’ve had our share of disappointments. But today I simply want to acknowledge your life, and thank you, and let the world know that I love you, heart and soul. I am very proud to be your son.

Happy Mother’s Day

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