Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Review: The Rest of Our Lives by Dan Stone

Reviewed by Alan Chin
Published by Lethe Press

Colm McKenna has a secret. He can stop time, that is, freeze everything around him. A handy little trick, you say? He would agree. He also has the ability to make things colder. He thinks he’s the only person on the planet with special gifts until he meets his opposite, Aidan, a fiery young man who can raise temperatures as quickly as Colm can cool them. And Aidan seems to be best at raising the temperature in Colm’s throbbing heart. And although they are opposites, they seem to be the perfect couple.

Under Aidan’s guidance, Colm learns that both he and Aidan are witches, but not just any witches. Their love is so strong that they have been finding each other through a myriad of lifetimes stretching back through time. With the help of Aidan’s aunty, the two begin to explore these past lives through hypnosis, and what they find terrifies Colm. Can he overcome his fear in order to find love again in this lifetime?

This book is a gem, a joy to read, like watching Bewitched or I Dream Of Genie for the first time. The characters are fun, exciting and unique. They are delightfully human, yet magical on many levels. Their adventure is romantic and humorous.

This is a light-hearted romance. It has a refreshing storyline that is extremely well written and genuinely funny. Five pages into it and I was hooked. And once hooked, I was carried along on a breeze watching this somewhat screwball pair negotiate the enchanting territory of love. There are sex scenes, though they are not explicit. Stuffy reviewers or hard-core mm fans might dismiss this story as fluff, but not this one. I think of it as a fun, heartwarming romp, and I highly recommend it.

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